Investing in business in Broadland

Our team at Broadland District Council is
dedicated to helping your business locate,
expand and flourish here and our officers are
available at no charge to meet you and discuss
opportunities. We are ambitious and committed
to creating the best possible conditions for
economic growth, helping businesses thrive
and building new communities.
We are focused on delivering the necessary
infrastructure first to deliver both jobs and homes,
including nearly 13,000 new homes and 1,000
new jobs in the Broadland Growth Triangle area.

Close to the regional centre of Norwich,
we are part of a thriving economy which
boosts skills and expertise in a number
of sectors including financial services and
insurance, life sciences and bio-sciences,
tech and digital creative and clean energy.
In addition, our area is home to thriving
agricultural, tourism and leisure sectors –
making it a great place to work and live.

Courtesy of Broadland District Council- 31/10/18