Airbnb contributed £135m to the East of England economy in the last year

The East of England has seen £135m generated in economic activity as a result of hosts and guests using travel accommodation site Airbnb.

A report from the company revealed that guests visiting the region spent £104m in the local economy between July 2017 and July 2018, and earned hosts around £3,000.

Airbnb also hosts ‘experiences’, where a customer can try an activity for a few hours at an Airbnb site.

Wisbech’s Tina Gambell, who runs a “Feel Calmer and Learn About Llamas” Airbnb experience in Wisbech, said in the review: “I’ve used Airbnb for a while to offer glamping, and as my llamas were always extremely popular, I decided to host an Experience too.

“It’s proven to be a different and thoroughly enjoyable hosting experience; not everyone can afford to stay overnight and so it allows guests to dip their toes into the world of llamas and leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation.”

Airbnb has been a controversial topic in the region, with hoteliers and accommodation providers voicing frustration that Airbnb hosts do not have to cope with the same overheads they do.

Tom Ellis, director of Norfolk Country Cottages, previously told the EDP: “Airbnb has done well with shaking up the market with new technology, but we service holiday makers and home owners in a way Airbnb cannot. I don’t think it will change our strategy.”

Courtesy of The EDP-26/10/18