Top Tip Of The Month

What does 'Print Ready Files' actually mean?

This is a question we get asked a lot. If you plan on supplying files for a job, take note of the following points to ensure a perfect print:

• Always supply your files as High Resolution PDFs.
• Most finished artwork needs to be supplied with ‘trims and bleed’.
• ‘Bleed’ refers to part of the design that will be trimmed off when the print is cut to size. The purpose of this is to prevent any white borders around the design as we are not having to cut right up to the edge.
• ‘Trims’ are then needed to indicate the final size of the print after the ‘bleed’ has been cut off. If you do not have trims and bleed, we may have to add system time charges before we go to print.
• Keep a ‘safe area’ on the inside of the trims to ensure than any text on imagery isn’t at risk of being cut off.
• Supply your files as single pages instead of spreads.

Courtesy of Norwich Print Solutions- 29/10/18