Nearly Half of Region’s Workers Think Their Company’s Portrayed Public Image is Unrealistic

Fewer than half (44%) of employees in the East of England think the public image of the company they work for matches the experience of working there, a new study reveals.

The research, conducted by YouGov for HR and payroll firm MHR, shows most of the region’s employees (72%) agree their company’s ethos is well communicated to staff.

But some of the 1,174 people surveyed said their employer’s values were confusing or meaningless, while others felt their managers did not live by the values themselves.

The findings from the survey are revealed in a white paper by MHR on company cultures, which says organisations “must do more” to engage with staff to create a positive work culture.

Asimina Stamatiou, employee engagement expert at MHR, said: “Creating a positive working culture is a valuable asset for any business because it leads to a more engaged, productive and loyal workforce.”

Courtesy of EDP