Should employers pay travel costs for jobseekers to attend an interview?

The government is being urged to support a campaign to persuade employers to offer travel reimbursement to jobseekers attending an interview.

Student and graduate careers app Debut said its research revealed that the average cost of attending a job interview is £41.

Graduates attend an average of six interviews, taking their costs to more than £240, while those in work often lose half a day’s pay to go to an interview, it was discovered.

Debut called on the government to outline official recommendations for employers on reimbursements, with suggestions that candidates should only spend up to £20 going to an interview, with up to £100 reimbursed by employers.

Charlie Taylor, chief executive of Debut, said: “All people of working age are affected by this shortfall, which is having a knock-on effect on the movement of people and the speed at which the labour market moves.”

Courtesy of the EDP- 11-03-18