Looking for a secure and flexible surveillance solution?

For the first time, remote surveillance and monitoring is simple and affordable – even in remote locations where power and networking infrastructure is not quite as advanced.

Challenges such as providing 24x7 footage of remote assets and sites can be solved using the an IoT (Internet of Things) Smart Camera Solution, and is particularly useful for those locations where existing infrastructure (mains power, fixed line connectivity) has caused problems in the past. This solution enables customers to rapidly deploy security grade cameras into remote locations with the footage being securely and immediately transmitted through data SIM card.

Why Choose an IoT Smart Camera Solution?

IoT Smart Camera solutions are already being widely used within agriculture to provide security and surveillance across the following scenarios:
Fuel Theft Monitoring – Surveillance of private fuel tanks on rural properties to monitor for any unauthorised use.
Property Access – Surveillance of vehicles and people using private access routes on a rural property.
Stock Poaching – Sting surveillance of areas known as entrances for stock poaching activities.
Equipment Monitoring – Monitoring of usage and access to heavy farming equipment.
Environmental Monitoring – Environmental monitoring of farm water reservoirs and other rural environments.
Agricultural Supplies – Surveillance of Agricultural Supply facilities to monitor the storage levels and to audit the distribution process.
Temporary site security – Surveillance of assets while used temporarily on various site premises.
Health & Safety Monitoring – Capture footage of activity at sites to ensure H&S standards are being upheld and for training purposes on review.

How do I know if the IoT Camera Solution is right for me?

At Comm-Tech Voice & Data Ltd we provide a FREE non-obligatory security and connectivity review, utilising our 32 years of experience in delivering complete communication and connectivity solutions.

We will review your security set up, understand your requirements and identify what security and surveillance options are available for your business and if an IoT Smart Camera Solution is the best option for you. We will fully provision and install your solution requirement and fully support your solution 24/7/365.

To start your FREE security and connectivity review or for further information regarding the IoT Camera Solution call Comm-Tech on 01603 518518