Norfolk businesses falling into energy overpayment trap

Many businesses in Norfolk are massively overspending on their energy bills by failing to switch supplier ahead of their renewal date, warns Warren Munday of Birchwood Energy.

Thanks to the rising cost of gas and electricity, as well as customer apathy, big energy companies are making a fortune. They benefit from contracts rolling over, or from customers who failed to act and are put on an out of contract rate that’s ridiculously high.

“Your energy bill is one of the biggest costs a company will face each year, and it makes no sense to pay over the odds,” explains Mr Munday.

“If you wait until the contract comes up for renewal, you don’t give yourself adequate time to investigate all the options and get the best price. With minimal effort, you can make big savings on what you pay out. All it takes is to be organised and to get an expert to help you.”

At Birchwood Energy, Mr Munday and his team search for the most competitive prices on the market - at no cost to the companies who instruct them. They are paid a fee by the energy company themselves but have no affiliation with any particular supplier.

“We don’t want to see energy suppliers making a fortune from companies because they haven’t got the right information,” says Mr Munday. “We always tell our clients that they shouldn’t be paying a penny more for their energy than they need to. All it takes is to get informed ahead of the renewal date.”

If you’d like to find out how to save money on your energy supply visit the website or call 01603 754112.


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