GMS Law are Featured in our Celebrity Client’s Autobiography

Back in 2015, Richard Clegg succeeded in a Defamation Claim, whereby the client was defamed on Facebook in relation to the way in which she ran her business – a Woman’s Health & Fitness Pageant – but was accused of being a bully and victimising one of the contestants. Our client has always taken an anti-bullying stance and has always looked after the girls competing in her shows, so the accusation of bullying on social media was about the worst thing that could have been said about her.

Our client, who is a well-known celebrity, being a European Powerboat Champion, World Fitness Champion and James Bond stuntwoman, is about to publish her autobiography. She has chosen to feature us in her chapter titled “Cyber Abuse”.

In this chapter she explains how she researched many different Lawyers but she came across GMS Law “liked their reviews and staff profiles”. She goes on to say that after speaking with Richard Clegg she “felt immediate trust in him”.

She states “Richard and his staff were more than a legal team. I’ve known a lot of legal eagles in my life but these guys were different. Regardless of it being a sensitive case they were just amazing in the way they handled everything. Richard spoke to me whenever I needed him, he always returned my calls and nothing was too much trouble. It’s easy to say ‘well it’s money in his pocket.’ But in this case it wasn’t, this was a no win no fee case”.

We are, of course, delighted with the success of our client’s Claim and are proud to be featured in her autobiography.