#BaldForChange – Min Grob is fundraising for Leeway

We’re super excited to announce that Min Grob will be having her head shaved in support of Leeway, LIVE at our annual conference on 14th July!

Min has been a keen supporter of Leeway for some time and the work that we do for those affected by domestic abuse in the local community and she’s hoping to reach her fundraising target of at least £2,000 to donate to Leeway.

She’s the founder of the Conference on Coercive Control, an annual event that aims to raise awareness of this type of domestic abuse.

Coercive control is the way domestic abuse gets played out, where the abuser constantly uses psychological and emotional ‘mind games’, leaving someone feeling like they are walking on eggshells and with high levels of anxiety and fear.

Often there’s also growing dependency on the abuser and coercive control can happen without any kind of physical abuse going on. Without any experience of physical abuse, it can also be difficult for people to recognise that what they’re experiencing is actually domestic abuse.

Leaving this type of relationship is extremely difficult and many people will need specialist support and a safety plan in order to rebuild their lives. We know that coercive control can continue for some time after a relationship ends and this is why getting support is so important.

Leeway’s services support people living in Norfolk and Waveney to live free of this insidious kind of domestic abuse and with a 27% increase in referrals to us this year, Min’s fundraising effort will help us to respond to increasing demand for our support.

We are also looking for someone to supply Min with some lovely headscarves and a range of wigs to wear whilst her hair grows back. If you can help out, or know someone else who can, please contact Leeway at 0300 561 0077.

Please support Min as she goes #BaldForChange and donate here

Leeway Domestic Services

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