General Election 2017: Norfolk voters share their views with just 8 days to go

With the general election fast approaching we took to the streets of Norwich to find out what voters are thinking and who they’re planning to vote for on Thursday, June 8.

People from all across Norfolk got involved in the discussion, sharing the issues they felt most passionate about.

One person felt particularly strongly about Labour’s election manifesto, he said: “I understand all of the arguments on the NHS but I can’t go along with Labour’s give away promises and it really is that, they’re just making up whatever they can say to get in - it’s a joke.”

Another felt similarly towards the Conservatives, doubting they would be able to help her in the future.

She said: “I’m at that age now where I’d like to think that I was being looked after when I get older and I can’t see that with Conservatives.”

Others were concerned about poverty in Britain and some weren’t too bothered either way.

Courtesy of EDP News

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