Dippy’s Birthday Week

July 30th – August 5th

Our very own dinosaur Dippy is having a birthday party and everyone is invited!

It’s Dippy the Dinosaur’s Birthday and we are having an Hawaiian themed birthday party which lasts for a whole week and everyone is invited. We want you to come and join in with the fun, a special birthday trail will lead you round the adventure, with the Woodland Trail full of presents and decorations just for our special Dinosaur. Make a birthday card for Dippy in the Secret Animal Garden and post it in the magical letterbox or give it to Dippy yourself at the Dippy Birthday party Disco! Birthday cake and other activities will be available all day long to help keep the celebrations going, with competitions and prizes to be won.

Put on your party outfit and come along to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure to help Dippy Party!


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