Broadland Business Forum Dates

We wish you prosperous new year and with our BOLD ongoing resolution to provide quality networking for businesses in the Broadland area we hope, by attending the first quarterly networking event of the year as a guest, we can inspire you to achieve early year new business contacts.

The Broadland Business forum meets quarterly at venues across the district and has a membership of 75 local business people representing small and large organisations, within or associated with the area. The forum started many years ago as a council and private initiative to encourage better communication between the public and private sector.

If you would like to come along on and find out more about the forum and network with our members, guest places cost only £15 which is deducted from the annual membership should you decide you would like to come along more often. (Annual membership is only £130, includes all breakfast costs and provides access to several useful marketing tools including a monthly newsletter which reaches out to all the businesses in the Broadland area).

To book your place at a future breakfast, please call 01603 702374 or email us here.

Future breakdast dates for 2018 as follows (subject to change):

- Wednesday 18th April
- Wednesday 11th July
- Wednesday 10th October

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ring 01603 702374 or email

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