Terms and Conditions

As a member of the Broadland Business Forum you are automatically entitled to take advantage of members offers as and when circulated through the BOLD One loyalty card. By doing so you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

- Offers are subject to the individual businesses making the offer, terms and conditions which will be specified along with their offer on the BOLD one page. The provider/customer relationship is just that and BOLD One takes no responsibility for the terms, payment, delivery or outcome but merely acts as the communicator of offers.
- Some offers are open to both BOLD members and their staff. Please see individual offer terms and conditions to see who is included.
- On terminating your BOLD membership you must return your card to BOLD Directories immediately.
- If you lose your BOLD One card, replacement cards can be purchased for £5 from BOLD Directories. You may order a replacement card at anytime by emailing info@broadlanddirectory.co.uk
- Every card issued will have a company name, issue number and expiry date. It is up to the business offering a product or service to check a card has expired. The card will expire at the end of each business forum year and new ones will be issued to those that rejoin the respective forum.
- Any member caught offering a product or service without seeing a current BOLD1 card will be removed from the scheme
- Cards are the property of the business concerned and not transferable to other businesses
- Any product or service offered must be of exceptional value and the BOLD team have the right to refuse any offer which is not perceived as of unique value to the BOLD Directories membership
- To take advantage of any of the offers, you must present your BOLD One card